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Enterprise Security Architecture  •  Cyber-Defense Strategy  •  Business Continuity

Program Evaluation

Current Posture

Employing a Trust but Verify evaluation approach, our team of professionals will conduct multi-displinary workshops with executive management, business unit and operational managers, and IT infrastructure and DevOps to question, verify, and test management, operational, and technical processes and controls. 

Our enterprise security assessment is a combination of key performance indicators from widely recognized guidance frameworks, including NIST, ISO, and SANS, to evaluate and map your organization's current posture.  

The key performance indicators are used to measure the maturity and effectiveness of the enterprise security program.

Evaluation Report

The effectiveness of the controls will be analyzed and the results placed into a 5-point ranking providing observations to the usefulness and maturity of the security program. The results will be collaborated with leadership and a current state document describing the effectiveness of the program will be prepared.
The simple easy to read report card format will allow leadership and non-technical individuals to understand the overall posture of the organization security program.