Enterprise Information Security Architects

Enterprise Risk and Security Assessments * Business Continuity Assessments (BIA)

Vendor and Supply Chain Security Assessments * Strategic Road Maps and Tactical Planning
Enterprise Security Architects
  • Strategic Roadmaps
  • Risk, Privacy, and Security Assessments
  • Business Continuity Assessments (BIA)
  • Vendor Supply Chain Assessments


Program Development

Desired Posture

We'll collaborate with leadership and key stakeholders to understand your business and security goals. Then we’ll work together as a team, to develop the desired state of an Enterprise Security Architecture. 

Four fundamental areas of security will govern this process:

  • Management Governance

  • Processes, People & Culture

  • Systems & Technology

  • Organizational Risk Appetite

Gap Analysis

Analyzing the KPIs gathered during program evaluation, and comparing them with the desired posture of the organization will result in an analysis with actionable items needed to achieve the desired posture.

We'll identify budgetary requirements of projects we believe will be needed to achieve the desired posture including capital and operational expenditures for three-years.

Risk Roadmap

In this step a Risk Road Map will be prepared to weigh each project identified in the gap analysis based on capital and operational cost requirements versus risk reduction opportunities.
A final report including the current and desired security posture, the gap analysis, and risk road map will be prepared and presented to leadership. The roadmap is a simple easy-to-read format that will allow leadership and non-technical individuals to understand risk reduction opportunities and ongoing cost of adopting the Enterprise Security Framework.