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The purpose of system security strategy is to provide an overview of the security requirements of the system and describe the controls in place or planned, responsibilities and expected behavior of all individuals who access the system.

A system security plan is documentation of the structured process of planning adequate cost-effective security protection for a system reflecting input from various managers with responsibilities concerning the system including information owners, the system operator, and the system security manager.

The plan will provide the organization and all interested parties including customers, clients, and business partners with an ability to understand and audit the management, operational, and technical processes and controls being taken by the organization to protect critical assets as determined by the risk assessment.

The benefits of adopting a risk managed approach to cyber security, include: 


Corporate decision-making is improved through the visibility of risk exposure, for individual activities and major projects, across the whole of the organization. 


Provides an understanding how a breach or loss of Confidentiality, Integrity, or Availability of sensitive data and intellectual property can negatively impact the finances of an organization from the loss of customer confidence, regulatory penalties, and legal cost.


Organizations are prepared for most eventualities, have adequate contingency plans and can provide reassurance of operations with business continuity.

The information gained during from the risk assessment is a critical first step in developing a system security plan and/or a business continuity plan.