Enterprise Security Architecture

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Enterprise Security Architecture Consulting Services

Enterprise Security Assessment

NIST 800-53 r4

Our enterprise security assessment establishes key performance indicators best suited to your organization's security requirements from control frameworks of The National Institue of Standards Tecnology (NIST 800-53), International Organisation of Standards (ISO 27001), and SANS CIS Critical Security Controls.  The assessment also considers compliance requirements specific to your business including: healthcare, goverment, critical infrastructrue, banking & legal.

Next we'll employ an evaluation approach of Trust but Verify to question, verify, and test the KPIs. We'll conduct multi-displinary workshops interviewing executive and board leadership, business and operational managers, IT infrastructure, and DevOps.

The workshops will assist in developing key performance indicators measuring the maturity and effectiveness of your enterprise security program.

Evaluation Report

Our report is an east-to-read report card and maturity scale in a single dashboard view of the current posture of the security program.

The dashboard is formatted for leaders and non-technical individuals based on a five-point scale establishing usefulness and maturity of the program by analyzing KPIs specific to your business

The report also includes an in-depth section for details required by business associates, interested parties. and those with need to know about the state of your security disciplines.

Determination of the Desired State

To develop the company's Desired State, we'll collaborate with leadership and the key stakeholders to understand your business and security goals.

Working together as a team, we'll evaluate vulnerabilities and threats to the business preforming qualitative and quantitative calculations to understanding risk reduction opportunities and residual risk implications. 

Management, operations, and technology will be examined during the process of developing the Desired State of the Enterprise Security Architecture.

Gap Analysis and Budgeting

Understanding the cost of implementing sustainable Enterprise Security Architecture is a critical and vital part of the process required by leadership responsible for budgetary decisions.


Our gap analysis process helps by identifying individual projects necessary to successfully improve and maintain all management, operations and technical aspects of the program. 

Developing Multi-year budgets will help leadership understand, justify and plan for capital and operation cost, as well as external and internal human capital requirements.

Risk Reduction Roadmap

Our easy-to-read Risk Reduction Roadmap provides leadership and non-technical interested party with a simple view of projects and identifies the potential for risk reduction and cost of adopting the Enterprise Security Framework.